Fluidstance standing desk surfboard

March 20, 2015 1 min read

Fluidstance standing desk surfboard

Surfing the Web while surfing your Fluidstance "The Level" board?

Sounds like a pretty cool way to work through those emails that are piling up! We stumbled across this product the other day and thought it could be a  great addition to the VARIDESK. When standing on "The Level" your body rocks in small controlled movements to increase your heart rate and range of motion, it's patent pending design limits the motion to avoid overextension. Fluidstance prides itself on allowing your body to move in all directions and is currently getting a lot of interest on the crowdsourcing platform "indiegogo" They haven't scrimped on the quality, this one looks really slick with it's moulded aluminium frame and durable bamboo plywood standing board.  

FluidStance's patent-pending Level platform brings movement to a standing desk, home and classroom.

We have seen a range of steppers and cycle type devices that work well with a standing desk but i think this is the coolest one i've seen. As a keen snowboarder I was immediately excited at the prospect of building up my core strength/balance during the week in anticipation of the upcoming snow season!

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