Stand UP New Zealand!

October 21, 2014

Stand UP New Zealand!

Did you catch the 60 Minutes “Stand up Australia” feature on TV the other day?

We are glad to see Australia is adopting a standing workplace, now it’s time for us New Zealanders to adopt a healthier workplace. The modern habits of a sedentary workplace are starting to receive much needed attention and new innovation. VARIDESK is an advocate for the health benefits of a sit/stand working environment so we are happy that people are catching on to alternatives that will enrich and extend lives! Stand Up Australia was an informative piece with some startling facts. Michael Usher from 60 minutes was initially a bit sceptical of the ill effects of sitting and legitimacy of sitting disease, however, by the end of the documentary his view has changed. Scientific research has led to some staggering statistics around the effects of sitting for pro-longed period which can’t be ignored. The modern day involves long periods of sitting, in the car, at the breakfast table and 8+ hours sitting at a computer screen. We need to make changes to how we are working now.
Research links sitting for 11 hours per day with a 40% increased chance in death.
Test's carried out by leading research clinics including the Mayo Clinic in the USA show a range of ill effects from sitting for extended periods including:
  • Blood Pressure Rises
  • Increased pressure on neck & spine
  • Increased risk of blood clots on brain
  • Heart disease is twice as likely for desk workers as in those who have active jobs
  • Breast and Colon cancer have been linked to excessive sitting
  • Energy expended sitting is comparative to sleeping!
The best part of this research is that it is relatively easy to change your workplace so that you are encouraged to move during the day. Some of the habits we have incorporated into our office include:
  • Stand up meetings - Skip the boardroom and find a space where you can stand and discuss ideas. If time permits we like our local park but anywhere is better than the boardroom. We believe any form of incidental exercise consistently throughout the day is beneficial.
  • Add Sit/Stand desks to your office. The VARIDESK range can be added to your existing office without having to change pod layouts. VARIDESK is an affordable option to get standing today.
  • Software reminders - The interactive VARIDESK app pops up to remind you when it’s time to sit/stand with the added bonus of counting the amount of calories burned during your standing period

If you'd like to join the standing revolution VARIDESK offers a 30 day money back guarantee as well as our 12 month warranty. Call us today on 09 972 2139 Change the way you work!

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