Robett Hollis - This is How I Work

February 15, 2018 1 min read

Robett Hollis - This is How I Work

Robett Hollis is a bit of a rockstar in the entrepreneurial world.

He's a kiwi that first made a name for himself as a professional snowboarder and at one stage was ranked second in the world. He's currently the 2nd most influential New Zealander on Linkedin and serves up his daily serving of life via his popular Vlog LinkedIn Daily 

He has channeled this drive, creativity, and determination into everything he touches and this has seen him commentating the Olympics, running a successful content agency (Frontside) as well as setting up CollabNZ Shared spaces nationwide to foster the next generation of creative entrepreneurs.

Basically he's a good dude with huge ambitions so when Jordan from the Varidesk team recently popped up to the big city he jumped at the chance to swing by his offices and say hello. 

Robett kindly created a quick video to share his setup which we're pleased to say includes a Varidesk and possibly NZ's best stocked whisky collection.  We'll definitely be back to take you up on that whisky next time ;)

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