Frequently Asked Questions

VARIDESK is one of the simplest solutions on the market today for workers looking to combat the negative effects of sitting at a desk all day. Our patent-pending design and affordable price point make the VARIDESK the ideal way to transform your workspace from a sitting desk to a stand-up desk in mere seconds.

We have collected a list of frequently asked questions from our customers along with answers. If you do not get the answer to your question below then simply contact our friendly team on the chat or call 0800 VARIDESK.

What is the VARIDESK?

The VARIDESK is an adjustable desk solution that allows users to work comfortably in either a seated or standing position.

How much weight can my VARIDESK hold?

The recommended weight limit for most models stars at  15.8kg which is more than enough for most monitors and some extra accessories.

Do I have to lift up the entire weight of the platform, and everything on it, each time I want to switch positions?

No, the VARIDESK mechanism makes it easy and convenient to switch between positions.

What's the best way to clean my VARIDESK?

We recommend using a warm damp cloth to clean the surface of the VARIDESK. Allow to dry before replacing any electronic equipment.

Why can't I remove the keyboard deck from my VARIDESK?

The built-in keyboard deck also serves a counterbalance for the VARIDESK. For the purposes of safety, it should not be removed.

Can my VARIDESK handle more than one monitor?

Yes. The dual-monitor version of the VARIDESK is specifically designed to accommodate two computer monitors.

Do I have to fasten the VARIDESK to my desk somehow? Will it damage my existing work surface?

No. The VARIDESK is designed to balance the weight in a safe way without the need for permanent attachment. You can preposition the VARIDESK at any time without scratching or damaging the existing work surface.

How much does shipping cost?

We offer free shipping on all products around mainland New Zealand, remote and Island locations may incur charges. 

My Question hasn't been answered.

Please contact 0800 VARIDESK or 07 282 8994 and our customer support team will answer your questions.