Varidesk Soho

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The Varidesk Soho is the perfect option for the laptop user on the go!

The Soho has 9 height settings making it perfect for a variety of users.

Pop it on the kitchen table, use it in your hotel room or set it up in your office. Ideal for laptop and tablet users that are looking to improve their ergonomics. 

  • Portable standing desk
  • Single, flat deck that’s 76.2 cm wide
  • Pops up or folds down in just seconds
  • Holds up to 4.54 kg
  • Sits on top of existing desks
  • Sturdy and stable even when fully extended

If you need a bit more space to spread out the Pro Plus 30 is another great option and available here

Footprint: 78.74 CM X 35.56 CM

SKU: V103

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